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Flea, Tick and Heartworm Prevention




             Flea image                         

                                              It is our general recommendation that animals be on monthly flea preventative.  Fleas are very common in this area, and can be very aggravating to your pets.  If any or all of your pets frequent the outdoors it is a good idea to use an appropriate preventative to help prevent issues such as flea allergy dermatitis and skin infections due to irritation from the flea.



         tick            Ticks carry numerous diseases which can be spread to your pet. Ticks can also spread disease to humans. Not every animal needs protection from ticks in our area, but if you live an active outdoor lifestyle we recommend you protect your animals. Ask us about the products we recommend which will help keep your pets safe from ticks.



                                                Heartworm disease is generally observed in domestic and wild canid populations. Heartworm disease has also been appreciated in cats and ferrets. The disease is spread by mosquitoes ingesting a blood meal from an infected animal, and then spreading the disease to its next meal. The disease is easily preventable with monthly treatment. Many of the preventatives also are effective against a number of intestinal parasites.